Local Mobile Advertising

Many small business owners are looking for a way to precisely target the right people, especially those who are close to their place of business. Use Mobile Link Marketing’s geofencing technology to display your advertising to potential customers near your place of business with pinpoint accuracy.

Geofencing Mobile Advertising

Geofencing means your ad only displays within a specific radius of a given target. Through Mobile Link Marketing’s proven technology, your ad will display within distance of whatever location you specify, whether it’s your own place of business, a landmark or even a particular zip code. Targeting starts at a 5-mile radius and then expands outward based on your specifications.

You can start displaying your ad to mobile phone users within proximity of your place of business, driving foot traffic to your door immediately.

Time your ads to appear! If you’re a business like a restaurant or a spa and you’re looking to drive traffic at a particular time of day, Mobile Link Marketing can run your ad only during the time of day that you specify. Get exposure to potential customers – at the right time, and in the right location.